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High - Pressure pump PW 2,5/40
High Pressure Pump  which supplies water to fast attack line.
High - Pressure pump PW 2,5/40
Output [Q]: 250 dm3/min (15 m3/h)
Lifting height [H]: 40 bar (4 MPa - 400 m H2O)
Rotational speed [n]: 5200 obr/min
Weight: 25 kg
Dimension: 430 x 210 x 260 mm (length x width x height)

The pump, PW 2,5/40, is a horizontal structure of five stages and radial inlet and outlet. The pump shaft is supported, on the suction side, in two angle antifriction bearings being greased, and, on the force side, in a slide bearing, the bush of which is made of sintered copper and tin powders, saturated with oil. The shaft sealing is provided on the suction side of the pump, due to the lower pressure value prevailing there. The mechanical face seal has been applied, the abrasive pairs of which are constituted of rings made of silicon carbides and graphite saturated with antimony. All basic pump components, such as: the suction and force body, stage members, impellers and inter-stage guides are made of the AK 9 aluminium alloy. The slide bearing shaft and journal are made of stainless steel.

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