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Fire Engine Pump A8/8
The fire engine pump, built permanently into the fire-fighting
vehicle chassis and driven by the vehicle engine.
Fire Engine Pump A8/8
Output (Hgs=1,5 m) [Q]: 800 dm3/min (48 m3/h)
Lifting height (Hgs=1,5 m) [H]: 80 m H2O (0,8 MPa)
Rotational speed (Hgs=1,5 m) [n]: 3`600 obr/min
Output (Hgs=7,5 m) [Q]: 400 dm3/min (24 m3/h)
Lifting height (Hgs=7,5 m) [H]: 100 m H2O (1,0 MPa)
Rotational speed (Hgs=7,5 m) [n]: 3600 obr/min
Weight: 27 kg without outfit, 39 kg complete with
Dimension: 540 mm x 655 mm (length x height)

The fire engine pump A 8/8 is a horizontal, single-step structure (with one rotor), with an axial inlet adapted the suction hose Ø 110 and with two outlets terminated with the oblique dish-type check valves, ZK 65,  and caps for connection of two forcing hoses Ø 75. The fire engine pump shaft is supported in two anti-friction bearings lubricated in an oil bath. The shaft output is sealed with a service-free mechanical sealing. Presently, the A 8/8 fire engine pump version of the rightward shaft revolutions is manufactured.

The basic components of the fire engine pump, such as the rotor, forcing helix, bearing body and suction cover are made of the aluminium alloy AK 9 as per the Polish Standard PN-76/H-88027.


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